“Your Home: An Asset or a Liability?”

For years and years in the Boulder real estate market we always considered our personal residence an asset. An asset that would keep growing and growing, giving and giving. Unfortunately too many of us have used our homes in the United States as a credit card, never the intended purpose of a residential property. I ask my sellers many times when I go to visit them at their home – is this home truly an asset at this point or is it a liability to you? If you are no longer getting the benefit of the enjoyment of living in your property, if you cannot maintain the property and certainly if you cannot afford to make the payments on your property then the property is a liability, not an asset and should be sold.

News, Trends


I just received an email from my investment banker saying that the Dow Jones Industrial rose more than 140 points to snap the 3 day slide in the Dow. This is likely because of great news that home sales earnings actually rose in the last quarter. Good news for us and in Boulder, Colorado lets hope that we see this trend continue. We here at The Bernardi Real Estate Group are doing our best to boost sales in Boulder, Colorado.