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Open House Sunday January 13, 11 a.m. -1 p.m.

3765 Cayman Place, Boulder 

Call 303.402.6000 for more information.

Come see this 4124 square foot home in Boulder’s Four Mile Creek neighborhood on Sunday. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms. Bright open floor plan with vaulted ceilings. New hardwood floors, paint, carpet, and HE furnace. Spacious kitchen with stainless steel appliances, granite, and island. Walkout basement with rec room. Close to park and paths.




When the majority of homeowners start falling behind on their mortgage payments they become ostriches, in other words, they stick their heads in the sand and go into a state of denial. Soon it’s too late to do anything about it. There are many things that we can do to stall foreclosure and get people out with their credit relatively intact. If they owe more than their home might be able to sell for in the current real estate market then this is called a short sale.

We have done a number of these short sales here at the Bernardi Real Estate Group and this is the way that some homes, even in Boulder County, are being sold in the current real estate market. The most important thing in a short sale situation is that we receive an offer from a buyer because the bank will not even begin to negotiate on a short sale until we get an offer. Once the offer is received, we go to work and negotiate with the bank to forgive the current debt up to the amount of the sale. In fact, in most cases, with every short pay we have done this year we have seen that the bank has forgiven all of the debt of the difference between the sales price and the loan amount. They have forgiven what would normally be called short fall or a deficiency and in many cases they will forgive what is called the deficiency judgment. In fact, for every home in a short sale situation that we have sold, the bank has forgiven the deficiently judgment.

If your loan was originated before January 2008 then there is no tax consequence on the amount of the loan that is forgiven. Prior to the bill being enacted last spring by Congress, you were taxed on the difference of the amount forgiven by the loan company. My expert lenders have told me that if a homeowner does a deficiency judgment that their credit is then virtually repaired and they would be able to buy another home within 2 years. If they let the property go into foreclosure, it would be 7 years before they would be able to buy another home. My belief is that by helping families do short sales, I am helping our community and the neighborhoods in all these cities in Colorado that have been affected by foreclosures such as Erie, Lafayette, Longmont and even a few cases in Boulder and Niwot. I feel that in the cases when I’m able to help these homeowners that I’m also helping the communities to not further deteriorate into crisis.

Unfortunately, if the property goes into foreclosure it could sell for no more than 50 cents on the dollar. The pipes could break or the grass goes brown and these foreclosed homes become an eyesore in our community. I feel like I am doing the homeowner a big favor by helping them to salvage their credit as well as assisting them to move on in a dignified manner and by doing that we are also doing the right thing for our community. I believe that I am also helping our country by facilitating the absorption of the real estate inventory in Boulder Colorado to help expedite the end of our real estate recession. In addition, I’m helping our banks because they will receive more money than they would if the property went into foreclosure and this will in turn aid our country. Lastly, I’m helping the buyer because they are getting a great deal on a property that has not been vacant for 6 to 9 months.

If you are facing a foreclosure situation then please call us here at The Bernardi Real Estate Group because I can help.



If you are thinking of buying a new construction home especially in Colorado, there are a number of builders that have an overstocked inventory. It is very important that you hire a great buyers agent (like the buyers agents here at The Bernardi Real Estate Group!) to represent you. It is imperative to understand how stable a builder is, what is the probability of them continuing and finishing out the project, what the homeowner fees are, if there were any special tax assessments and especially what kind of a buy can you get on the new construction properties. These are the things that buyers agents working with The Bernardi Real Estate Group can help you with.

With over 100 years of combined real estate experience in Boulder County,    The Bernardi Real Estate Group can help you like none other. Give us a call     at 303-402-6000!



One way to recession proof your property against depreciation in what many would consider to be a declining luxury real estate market is that you own a home in beautiful Boulder Colorado. That may be your first and most important step in recession proofing your home.

Updating your home and keeping it well maintained including keeping the roof in good repair and getting the kitchen and bathrooms updated are the kinds of things you should do in case your life situation changes and you need to move quickly. If you keep up with the maintenance on your home then your home will be ready quickly and in perfect condition to sell. In addition to being ready for the possibility of having to sell you also get the joy of living in a property that is updated. Remember that in many cases your home is your most important investment so keep it in good repair.

If you ever want a list of people who can help you with keeping your home up to date such as decorators and contractors or you just want an evaluation of your property to see what the value is in the current real estate market, then give us a call here at The Bernardi Real Estate Group because that’s what we do.



Because I have been among the top real estate agents in the nation for over 20 years, I have the opportunity to network with many various agents from around the country. Because of this network, I stay pretty closely attuned to what is going on in luxury real estate markets in the rest of the country. So far, Boulder luxury real estate is pretty healthy compared to the rest of the United States. If you would say that the luxury real estate markets in the rest of the country are dying then you would say that in Boulder Colorado our luxury real estate market just has the flu. Good homes in good locations that are priced well are still selling in this real estate market. They have to be in good condition and buyers are pickier but we are still selling houses in this real estate market. In fact, in 2008 The Bernardi Real Estate Group sold 168 properties.

Around the country, real estate depreciation has taken a toll on many luxury real estate markets. Miami is seeing depreciation at about 1-2% a month, Las Vegas is depreciating up to 3% a month, Southern California is depreciating 1-2% a month and in Detroit some houses are selling for $8000 that were formerly sold for $100,000 because there are so many foreclosures in that real estate market.

So, once again, if you are buying or selling real estate in Boulder County then we are still in a relatively healthy real estate market compared to the rest of the United States.



Year after year real estate agents from all over the country call me to ask, “How do you do stay consistently the #1 agent in Boulder and Colorado?”

It makes me think, in fact, how do we do it? My first answer is that we work smarter. To be the #1 team year after year, formerly the #1 agent with ReMax, formerly the #1 agent with Century 21 in the country and to be in the top 10 in the country with Coldwell Banker year after year has not been an easy thing and it has required a great deal of focus and energy.

The most important thing that I have done is that I have built an incredible team around me. The difference between me and other agents is that I truly delegate different responsibilities to my team members and we specialize in every area of the transaction. Instead of me being out all day long with buyers and then coming back to the office to service my listings, I use my time wisely to drive sales. I spend my time trying to find buyers for listings, advertising my listings, answering my calls, servicing my listings so that they actually sell and negotiating the best price I can for my sellers. My buyers agents are out all the time with fully qualified buyers and relocation buyers and focusing their entire energy on servicing their buyers and helping to get our listings sold.

The 2nd thing that we do is we try to keep our atmosphere really positive. We don’t listen to the news and we are constantly reading new and different books to keep us motivated.

The 3rd thing that we do is that we practice and constantly hone our skills. We role play how to handle buyer calls and how to handle the various situations that come up as we sell real estate.

The 4th thing is that we market more than anyone else. Most real estate agents cut back on marketing during these hard times but in our office we believe that keeping our name and the exposure to our listings out there is of the upmost importance. If you live in the city of Boulder or close by we hope that you have heard of us.

The 5th thing that we do is that we operate as an aggressive sales team. We don’t wait for people to call us but instead we call them. We spend our day searching for people with whom we can share the great news of our fabulous listings. We don’t just sit around and wait.

The 6th thing that we do is we are constantly studying the Boulder luxury real estate market and we stay ahead of it. We never want our sellers to chase the market down so we want our listings to be the best price and in the best condition of anything else on the market.

The 7th thing we do is that we work to make our homes the prettiest by working with great stagers. This is so that people feel like they have great alternatives such as instead of just paying for their home to be staged they can have to option of having a home manager live in their property while it is on the market so that their property can be ready for showings at any time.