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The results are in for Boulder County Gold 2018 People’s Choice Award! Thanks to everyone who voted-I won BEST REALTOR! I cannot thank you enough! Remember, I love to talk about Real Estate. Call me anytime.  303.402.6000  

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Karen Bernardi | Best Realtor, Boulder County Gold 2018 People’s Choice Award!
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Foreclosure vs. Short Sale

It’s sad to see so many folks so discouraged about the looming possibility of losing their home, they ignore the less destructive option of a short sale and instead go to foreclosure (which takes many years to recover from).  In desperation, many people try selling their home themselves to save on realtor’s commissions, pricing it just above what they owe, only to end up in foreclosure anyway. 

You should know, and share with anyone who needs to know, that a home owner can avoid a foreclosure if they act quickly.  At the Bernardi Real Estate Group, we’ve helped many home owners this year avoid foreclosure by negotiating a short sale for them.  Some people just don’t understand the detrimental effects of foreclosures, or are afraid of considering a short sale beacuse they think it will cost them more money.  We’d like to dispell some of the myths, and clarify how we can help.  Here are some facts that show the benefits of a short sale compared to a foreclosure:

                                  Foreclosures:                                Short Sales:

 Credit Scores   Drops in FICO and other credit scores from 200 to 400 points.  

Short sales generally do not effect credit scores, late payments or default in payments can effect credit by 50 to 150 points.

 Credit Reports:   Foreclosure will remain a derogatory mark on credit reports for 7 to 10 years  

A short sale is not a derogatory mark on credit report, the credit bureaus mark it as a paid note.

  Buying again:    Most cases must wait at least 7 years before buying again, if the home was a primary residence it may be shortened to 5 years.  

If there have been no late payments, some can buy again immediately.

If there have been late payments, two years is required to apply for a Fannie-Mae backed mortgage, or 3 years for an FHA loan.


Ethics & The Economy:


  Foreclosed homes can ruin a neighborhood, causing even further declines in the market values surrounding the home. Some people strip the home of valuables and leave the home abandoned.  

Short sales help the economy because the banks have less debt, the homes are kept by individual owners who take care of them, and the bank will pay the realtor’s commission who helped sell the home. 

Call us today if you or anyone you know needs help selling or buying real estate in the Boulder or Broomfield area:  303-402-6000 

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Where have all the good builders gone (and the other rumors)??

You know how when you see a great movie or eat in a fabulous restaurant you just have to tell everyone about…well…this message is really more of a testimonial, endorsement.

I have always been a raving fan of McStain Homes during my 26 years selling real estate in Colorado. I have sold more McStain Homes than any other builder. This was not a plan, they were just great homes.

With so many Colorado builders going “belly-up”, many buyers are concerned about after closing warranties, which is a valid concern.

Well…here’s the story…I have a resale McStain Home listed. Now, McStain Homes have always been great with after closing service but this home is 8 years old!

A potential buyer raised some concerns about the construction. The sellers called McStain and within 24 hours the customer service rep for McStain was at the property acting like a superman coming to save the world!

He pulled workers off of jobs to make any repairs that might be a concern to this or any buyer for FREE! His comment was, “we want to help all McStain homes sell wherever!”

I have know this sort of service to be standard for McStain through the years, but, honestly we all wonder in these time when nearly everyone is cutting costs…will even the best need to reduce their standards? Maybe some, but not McStain. I took a few lessons from this…

I will work hard to have someone tell a story like this about my company. I was wise to sell so many McStain homes and I will continue in confidence to do just that for many years to come!

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I just received an email from my investment banker saying that the Dow Jones Industrial rose more than 140 points to snap the 3 day slide in the Dow. This is likely because of great news that home sales earnings actually rose in the last quarter. Good news for us and in Boulder, Colorado lets hope that we see this trend continue. We here at The Bernardi Real Estate Group are doing our best to boost sales in Boulder, Colorado.



I was just reading in the Boulder County Business Report about all of the different groups investing in Boulder. Steven Tebo, one of the smartest business men in Boulder, is expanding his real estate holdings. Denver-based Griffis Group of Cos. LLC just purchased The Boulders Apartments and Tom Barta, chief financial officer of Griffis, has said that “Boulder has always been an attractive rental market”. The Griffis Group believes that real estate will hold up better than any other asset classes.

It has been my personal experience that my own investments in Boulder County have done much better than my investments in the stock market. I like real estate because I can touch it, hold it and always know where it is. Due to the recent craziness on Wall Street and with the losses I have experienced in my mutual funds that I thought were safe, I sure enjoy owning my little rental properties in Boulder Colorado. I still believe that Boulder Colorado real estate is a fantastic place to put your investment dollars.


Home Prices fell in the 3rd quarter

Well, this should be of little surprise to most of you but the hard stats are …

The National Association of Realtors tracks about 152 metropolitan areas throughout the US and of those, 120 had price declines in median home sale prices year-over-year (YOY).  Unit sales fell almost 8% compared to the 3rd quarter of 2007.

This was primarily caused by the sale of foreclosure and distressed properties which represented about 40% of all transactions in Q3.