I was just reading in the Boulder County Business Report about all of the different groups investing in Boulder. Steven Tebo, one of the smartest business men in Boulder, is expanding his real estate holdings. Denver-based Griffis Group of Cos. LLC just purchased The Boulders Apartments and Tom Barta, chief financial officer of Griffis, has said that “Boulder has always been an attractive rental market”. The Griffis Group believes that real estate will hold up better than any other asset classes.

It has been my personal experience that my own investments in Boulder County have done much better than my investments in the stock market. I like real estate because I can touch it, hold it and always know where it is. Due to the recent craziness on Wall Street and with the losses I have experienced in my mutual funds that I thought were safe, I sure enjoy owning my little rental properties in Boulder Colorado. I still believe that Boulder Colorado real estate is a fantastic place to put your investment dollars.

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